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Learning To Stay Calm During Emergencies

As soon as I had my son, I knew that he was different. We found out that he had several serious medical complications, which lead to emergencies on several occasions. I wasn't coping well with the postpartum depression and stress, so I decided to work with a life coach to learn some coping mechanisms. One of the best things that I learned in therapy was how to stay calm during emergencies through a series of self help rituals. The results were amazing. I was able to teach myself how to stay calm--even when our son had serious problems. Read here to learn how self help can benefit your life.

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Learning To Stay Calm During Emergencies

The Amazing Effects Of Exercise When Used As Part Of Drug Rehabilitation

by Merlijn Van Ruler

If you are thinking about getting admitted to a drug rehabilitation program, exercise is one activity that you may be expected to participate in. Stationary activities such as group or individual counseling sessions will be a portion of your rehabilitation, but physical activity is important in treatment too. The following information will help you understand the importance of exercise in recovery.

Hormone Secretion

Exercise is linked to the release of endorphins, which are mood enhancement hormones that the human body naturally produces. The release of endorphins can help recovering addicts to get used to feeling good without having to abuse substances. Over time, the "natural high" created by endorphins may become the preferred way to enhance individuals' moods. This can aid in reducing the temptation to participate in high-risk behaviors that may lead to relapses. For example, a person who has used drugs to cope with anxiety induced by stress may be able to choose to exercise to release their stress, which may improve their chances of having a long-term or lifetime recovery experience.

Improved Appearance

Substance abuse may negatively impact the appearance of different individuals in different ways. For example, a person who abuses alcohol in the form of beer may gain weight in their abdomen area as a result of heavy consumption of alcohol, and a person who abuses opiates might experience weight loss even if both individuals are actually malnourished. By exercising on a regular basis, consuming nutritious foods, and abstaining from substances, individuals in both scenarios may end up with toned bodies. An improvement in appearance may also change negative self-thoughts that some substance abusers experience. 

Prevent or Improve Ailments

Abusing substances may result in conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes developing. Some people entering recovery have not been to a physician in years, which may result in them having conditions that are not under control. Becoming more physically fit may aid in getting the symptoms of these conditions better controlled. People who are at risk for developing conditions may never develop them as a result of regular exercise and sobriety. For example, a person could be in the pre-diabetes stage, but their lifestyle changes may result in them never actually developing diabetes. 

An integral part of treatment is healing the body back to as normal a state as possible. This is why a treatment center, like Pacific Ridge, is the best resource to use for determining the appropriate level of exercise for you to start out with. They are also the safest option for humane detoxing in a safe environment. As your resistance builds up, your recommended exercise routines may also need to be tailored to keep you challenged and focused.