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Learning To Stay Calm During Emergencies

As soon as I had my son, I knew that he was different. We found out that he had several serious medical complications, which lead to emergencies on several occasions. I wasn't coping well with the postpartum depression and stress, so I decided to work with a life coach to learn some coping mechanisms. One of the best things that I learned in therapy was how to stay calm during emergencies through a series of self help rituals. The results were amazing. I was able to teach myself how to stay calm--even when our son had serious problems. Read here to learn how self help can benefit your life.

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Learning To Stay Calm During Emergencies

How You Can Begin Your Journey To Learn How To Meditate To Control Your Negative Thoughts

by Merlijn Van Ruler

The path toward inner emotional, mental, and spiritual growth typically involves learning how to empty your mind of all the negative thoughts it has been bombarded with over the course of your lifetime and day. You need to release the negative thoughts that can weigh you down and replace them with positive thoughts that help to buildup and restore your spirit. The first step on the path towards learning how to release negative thoughts is by learning how to mediate to control what you think. Here is how you can begin your journey to learning how to meditate to release the negative thoughts that might be holding you back from living a better life.

Take a Shower First

You should take a shower before you start to meditate to help you get the full effect of the positive feelings you can receive. Washing cleans the body of dirt and grime that has built up on it during the day and night, and this will help you to feel more comfortable. The negative ions in the water will also help your mind and body to calm down. Negative ions cause a chemical reaction in your body which leads to the production of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is a mood relaxing hormone that alleviates the feelings of depression and anxiety. If you are in a place where you can't take a full shower, go to the bathroom and rinse your hands and face with warm water until you feel a little calmer.

Sit Properly

You should sit with your back up straight. You can be either in a chair or sitting cross-legged on a floor. The important thing is that you are physically comfortable and sitting in a way that increases your ability to concentrate. Don't lie down as you might get too relaxed and won't be able to concentrate as well as when you are sitting in the upright position.

Focus on an Object

Focus your eyes and attention on one object near where you are sitting and concentrate on it. Examine the detail of the object and the feelings you are experiencing when looking at it. This will help you to filter out all your other thoughts so only the object you are looking at remains in your mind.

Focus on Sounds

Now, close your eyes and focus on a sound nearby like the wind blowing or the ticking of a clock. Focus only on that sound until you don't notice any of the other sounds that are surrounding you. Listen to what makes the sound unique and special.

Learning how to meditate will take a little time and practice. You should start out by taking about five minutes each morning after you wake up and take your morning shower to mediate. As you learn how to control your thoughts, you can extend the time you set aside each morning to meditate. Eventually, you will learn how to control your thoughts to reduce the amount of negative energy in your spiritual and psychological system so you can focus on the positive vibes that lead to personal growth and awareness. Programs like those offered by Inner Engineering can also help you explore the world of meditation.